compagnie endogène, compagnie endogene, cie endogene, cie endogène, morgan cosquer, céline couronne
compagnie endogène, Mu Arae, cie endogene, cie endogène, morgan cosquer, céline couronne







« My life is a dot lost among thousands of other dots. » 

(Y. Kusama)


A dot…


Like a sphere containing all dots of the universe. An atom containing all worlds. (“Aleph”, Borges).


The show “Mu Arae” grew out of a plastic installation, hundred porcelain spheres hanging all around the space. A picture inviting to contemplation… Let yourself be carried by this vertigo of Man trying to grasp infinity.


In an abstract and symbolic language, “Mu Arae” depicts a fantastic world tinged with mythology, immerged in surrealism.  Witnesses of the inexorable flight of time, hybrid beings bring us to a crossing where palpable and impalpable live together.


To create a world of sensations, imaginary, archaic and buried memory from before the verb. Like the constellation the name of which he is named “Mu Arae” transforms the stage into a parallel space where the spectator is taken to an abysmal contemplation of the infinity.







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